דרכון פורטוגלי – משרד עו''ד תותי אשבל


Rafi Calderon

The process was amazingly effective! The firm accompanied me at every stage and gave a full response to all the bureaucracy, documents and paperwork.
So thank you very much to the entire staff of the firm and there is no doubt that the next step is to help the whole family receive the desired citizenship!

Tal Ashkenazi

Hello, my name is Tal Ashkenazi, and almost two years ago I started the process of issuing Portuguese citizenship in order to go and study subsidized funding in an educational institution in Europe.
I prepared for a long and exhausting process but the law firm Touti Ashbel made the procedure simple. I was not required to do anything !!!
Thank you very much to the amazing staff of the firm!

Roy Danon

For a long time I tried to get European citizenship because I live in Germany and rely on temporary visas, but I encountered many difficulties because of the requirements for the invention of documents.
The law firm Touti Ashbel gave me a professional response, did the whole process for me through "remote control" and made life easier for me.
Warmly recommend anyone who wants to get Portuguese citizenship and spare unnecessary headaches.

Rotem Peretz

Office warm and domestic, I could not choose a better and more professional office to start the procedure!
Many thanks to Adv. Guy Touti and Adv. Meirav Touti Ashbel who gave a professional and caring response at any given moment!

Moshe Siboni

Highly recommended ... My name is Moshe Siboni About 3 months ago I started the process of issuing a Portuguese passport and at a record speed I received a permit and today I am in the signing stage ... Law Firm Touti Ashbel Under the supervision of Meirav Ashbel. Works professionally. Thorough, warm and personal. Every unnecessary word

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