Spanish legislation

In February 2014, the Spanish cabinet passed an amendment to the Spanish Law of Citizenship. The amendment to the law allows Spanish citizenship for all Jews who can authenticate their being of Spanish descent. This is the preliminary stage before passing the law for voting and subsequently for legislation.

Since November 2012, when the Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz Galardon, announced a debate on a new bill that approves Spanish citizenship, the Spaniards began easingon citizenship applications for those Spanish (Sephardic) Jews. Despite these facilitations, whoever wished to receive Spanish citizenship still needed a two-year residence in Spain as a permanent resident.

Spanish legislation

Spanish Citizenship

The amendment to the law that was passed in February 2014 brings news and opens within the next two years a window of opportunity in which descendants of Jews that were expelled from Spain can apply to receive Spanish citizenship. As of now, it has not received the approval of the Parliament so that it is important to follow the progression of the legislation.


Touti-Ashbel’s Law Firm

The Touti law office is preparing itself to assist the Israeli public in realizing its eligibility for receiving Spanish citizenship in line with the amendment of the law, and acts opposite the Spanish delegation. In order to launch proceedings for receiving Spanish citizenship, you are invited to contact us, and we will be glad to be of service to you.