דרכון פורטוגלי – משרד עו''ד תותי אשבל


I have issued a Portuguese passport. Is there a right for my children?

If your children are over the age of 18, your children are entitled to Portuguese citizenship even if you have not obtained your citizenship

I have a Portuguese passport. Is my wife / husband entitled to receive a passport as well?

If your wife / husband is not born as a descendant of the Spanish Expulsion and you have a Portuguese passport, it will be possible to issue the citizenship for them in the same procedure as you did at the end of your citizenship

My parents have a Portuguese passport. Am I entitled?

If your parents have a Portuguese passport and you are over the age of 18 you can start the procedure. Even if your parents do not have the citizenship

Is there a difference between citizenship and passport?

Passport This is a function of citizenship. Once you are a Portuguese citizen, you can issue your passport, which is actually a document expressing citizenship

Do I need to physically travel to Portugal to receive my passport or citizenship?

You do not have to travel physically to Portugal In order to receive your passport there is an option to issue your passport at the Portuguese Embassy in Israel or to fly to Portugal

What documents should I invent in order to obtain Portuguese citizenship?

One of the main advantages of passing the procedure through our offices is the fact that we do the whole process for you from the invention of the screens to the citizenship itself

How can I know if my last name is included in the list of names of the descendants of those expelled from Spain?

If you want to know if the surname appears in the list of names you can search for your name in the list of names on the site and if you can not find you can call our office and check your eligibility

Is citizenship revoking existing citizenship?

Citizenship does not nullify existing citizenship

As a Portuguese citizen, can I come to countries that can not be admitted as Israeli?

As a Portuguese citizen you can enter countries that can not enter as an Israeli, for example Bali Island in Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, etc. You can also enter the US without a visa

What is Apostille?

A certificate issued by a competent authority of a state, and the title of the holder of the position verifying the correctness of the signature on public certificates

Do you have to know to speak Spanish or Portuguese in order to get your Portuguese passport?

Portuguese citizenship does not require language tests

What happens if there is no final approval from the Jewish community after I have paid?

If there is no confirmation from the Jewish community after the payment, we undertake a full refund but this has never happened to our office

What is the validity of your passport / citizenship?

Citizenship is for life. The passport must be renewed every five years at the Portuguese Embassy in Israel or in the Lisbon authorities

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